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Nicholas O’Dwyer provide services in all aspects of water conservation - from strategic planning to  pipeline rehabilitation. 

 Our expert staff carry out networks reviews, evaluate existing hydraulic models and data from flow and pressure monitoring records.  Our modelling experts prepare “Before” and “After” models for water networks, and identify anomalies and  areas of interest for further site inspection and appraisal. 

 Assessments are made of flow and pressure in the network for different supply options, and Pressure Management Reports are prepared for client management of the networks. 

 As part of the implementation of rehabilitation projects, we examine solutions for issues causing disruption to the client’s customers - including traffic management, water supply continuity, utilities and services protection and re-routing.  We propose the best technology and include “no-dig” technologies where appropriate to minimize disruption.

 Financial benefits of the water conservation programme are prepared to demonstrate value for money, and these and the other issues are work-shopped extensively with the client’s key staff. 

Sample Project(s)

Clare County Council Water Conservation Project - Ennis Watermains Rehabilitation, Ireland

This Project involved the assessment of the existing water distribution system serving the Greater Ennis area


Zarqa Water Restructuring and Rehabilitation

The principal objectives of the project were to identify the requirements for rehabilitation and/or upgrading of the water delivery system of Zarqa Water Governorate. The project provided the framework for an improved water supply for over a million people.


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