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Nicholas O’Dwyer have experience in building hydraulic models for large sewer and storm water networks, in calibrating the models using surveyed flow data and in using the model as a predictive tool for designing network improvements. 

Our modellers use the HR Wallingford developed state of the art software Info-Works CS to build the hydraulic model used in the analysis. The sewer system is modelled using survey date for pipe size, condition and alignment collected in the field using CCTV and SUS; assessed wastewater flow projections and calculated rainfall time series. 

Flows predicted by the model are verified by flow survey. When the model is compiled and verified we use it to assess the performance of the network under a variety of conditions, .establish pipe capacities, predict flooding and surcharging in the network and examine alternative scenarios for making improvements. 

Recent Project(s)

Cork Lower Harbour Main Drainage Scheme, Ireland

Winner of the prestigious title of ENGINEERING ENDEAVOUR 2021 by Engineers Ireland! Project proposed to transfer wastewater from the Cork Lower Harbour to a new 80,000pe wastewater treatment plant site at Carrigaline.


Cavan Wastewater Treatment Plant - MCC Replacement, Ireland

Replacement of the Main Control Centre at the wastewater treatment plant which was damaged by a fire.



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