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Detailed Risk and Hazard Assessment are required for all our activities and projects.  At Nicholas O’Dwyer we have specialists in delivering, advising and mitigating risk with in construction and operational activities from an environmental and health and safety perspective. 

We have also been requested, periodically, to deliver training in Risk Assessment to Local Authority and Environmental Protection Agency staff through contracts for the Water Services National Training Group and the Department for Environment, Communities and Local Government.

Recent Project(s)

Training of Staff for Supervision of Water Service Projects, Ireland

The project involved developing courseware and training Local Authority Staff in the delivery of Waste Water Treatment Facilities and of Water Services Projects. The range of waste water treatment plants under delivery included those developed under both Traditional (Engineer designed, Contractor built) contracts and those developed under Design Build Operate (DBO) contracts with 20 year operation periods. 


Training in Urban Wastewater Treatment of Environmental Protection Agency Technical Staff, Ireland

This project involved the preparation of a guidance document setting out the treatment techniques appropriate for the treatment of urban waste water to ensure consistency in the assessment of waste water treatment techniques by Environmental Protection Agency staff.  The guidance has subsequently been used in the training of EPA staff.



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