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As a successful International Civil Engineering Consultancy, we have been providing Design and Project Management services to the Telecom and Broadcast Sector since 2008. 

Within our organisation, we have experienced Civil and Structural Design Engineers, Project Managers, Environmental Engineers and Geotechnical Specialists.

Our range of Services to the Communications Sector includes:

  • Mast and Tower Design
  • Geotechnical Design
  • Structural Assessments
  • Planning Applications
  • Maintenance Inspectionsv
  • Health and Safety Auditsv
  • PSDP Role
  • Interactive Communications Operations Management toolv

We were a major participant in the RTE NL roll out of the Digital Terrestrial TV service, where as client representative, we provided the engineering and project management services for the installation of the main masts.  

This involved the design of the new masts, including foundations at remote hill top locations adjacent to existing masts which were to remain operational. The switchover included the installation of new cable management systems, building renovations, transferring third party equipment, and removal of the existing masts on commissioning of the new mast equipment.

Within our organisation, we have specific, dedicated personnel who have a vast knowledge of the requirements of the Communications sector.

Featured Project

Digital Terrestrial Television Switchover, RTE, Dublin, Ireland

Installation of 4 No. New Masts, RTE, Dublin, Ireland



Ken McGauran

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Key Facts


Major Clients:  RTE (2RN), British Telecom  
Key Expert Staff: 
Individual Project Value:  €30 million