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Alliances & Joint Ventures

Our business is one that’s built around collaboration, and we have successfully joint ventured with some of the best-known global brands within our sector.

This collaborative approach is most in evidence on projects of exceptional scale or complexity, or when working with local practices in developing countries around the world.

It’s an approach that allows us bring the most appropriate  technology to every project, and that lets take advantage of local knowledge and experience

Among the more prominent partnerships we’ve embarked on with leading international firms are:

Recent partnerships in developing countries have resulted in the delivery of key infrastructural projects such as:

  • Zarqa Water Supply, Jordan.
  • Tete and Moatize Water Supply, Mozambique.
  • Hhoho District Roads, Swaziland.
  • Zimbabwe Livingston Road, Zambia.
  • Kampala Masaka Road, Uganda.
  • Coastal Environmental Remediation, Saudi Arabia.
  • Geita Usagara Road, Tanzania.
  • Addis Ababa Water Supply, Ethiopia.

We are open and transparent in our dealings with all partners, and are happy discuss areas of mutual interest with local or specialist firms which enable technology transfer and knowledge sharing.